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La Dame de Montrose 2009, St. Estephe 750ml

Chateau Montrose – Saint Estephe - Dame de Montrose 2009 

Blend: Cabernet-Sauvignon 82%, Merlot 18%
Ageing: 12 months in oak barrels (20% new)        

The Wine 
Deep purple colour, aromas of blackcurrant, violets and sweet red cherries. Floral notes, ripe red berries, milk bread and cocoa wrap around a neat, long and elegant palate. The wine is harmonious, a long and powerful finish, beautifully balanced, with great finesse, a superb vintage. The summer settled a hot and dry weather until the early fall, allowing the berry to gain volume and change colour. That authorized us to be patient with confidence and serenity for the grape to reach optimal maturity. Our obsession was to find the balance so fragile between the perfect maturity of the berries (sugar, tannin) and the freshness of the juice extended by an acidity that we controlled daily. All these factors foreshadowed an exceptional vintage of grand quality.

The Vineyards
Cover 95 hectares, located along the river which gathers the ideal conditions for a temperate climate, the vineyard is based on a soil made up of deep large-size gravel, and gentle slopes. Varieties: 60% cabernet sauvignon, 32% merlot, 6% cabernet franc, 2% petit verdot.

In the first quarter of the late 18th century, Alexandre de Ségur owned the LATOUR, LAFITE and MOUTON estates. He was known as The Prince of vines » for he promoted his vineyards to a prestigious destiny and bequeathed them to his son, Nicolas Alexandre. After his marriage, he took possession of Château de Calon, and enthusiastically said: I already make wine at Latour and Lafite, but my heart belongs to Calon. Like his father, he built up the estate by setting very high standards, adding great prestige to his wines. In 1778, under Louis XVI’s reign, he sold CALON to Etienne DUMOULIN. Théodore, Etienne’s son, discovered in his fief a part of land known as « Lande d’Escargeon » covered with heather in pink bloom. Convinced that this deserted heath has hidden value, he cleared the land, planted vines and built a château. Thus was born Montrose which progressively acceded to the highest levels amongst the wines of Medoc

In 1824, Théodore DUMOULIN sold Calon to Mr LESTAPIS but kept MONTROSE. Thirty one years later, in 1855, MONTROSE was classified a Second Great Growth. Remarkably 5 years after his death, his adopted children sold the estate. The new owner, Mathieu DOLLFUS, a visionary businessman, increased the technical potential with an unconditional enthusiasm. Montrose deserves the best: he modified the château, built houses for the estate workers and new farm buildings; he installed huge bullock pens, stables, and accommodation for the coachmen and invested in an automatic system for horse feed distribution. He took the unusual step of providing social security for his workers with whom he also shared the estate’s profits, a very avant-garde behaviour for that time. This model estate looked like a village with narrow streets, squares, houses and workshops.
 In 1896, Château MONTROSE became the property of the CHARMOLUE family. The new owner, Louis Victor, was born at Château Figeac in ST Emilion : an auspicious reference. Three generations succeeded and deserve the honour of having restored a vineyard that was devastated by the Second World War. Since 2006, the BOUYGUES brothers, Martin and Olivier, share this same enthusiasm as theirs predecessors: to pursue with all their heart the production of this great and exceptional wine.

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La Dame de Montrose 2009, St. Estephe 750ml
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