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Antinori Solaia 2009, Toscana 750ml


Antinori Solaia 2009 – Toscana

Blend: Cabernet Sauvignon 75%, Sangiovese 20%, Cabernet Franc 5%

Favorable climatic conditions allowed the grapes to ripen regularly, unhurriedly, and uniformly, thereby enabling picking operations to go forward in a way which allowed the maximum attention to nuances and detailed differences in each and every single parcel of the Solaia vineyard. The grapes, after being tasted and evaluated on the basis of their overall ripeness, the coloring material in their skins, and the maturity of their pips, were carefully picked by hand into small packing cases, separating the individual parcels from one another on the basis of all the varying viticultural and oenological criteria.
On their arrival in the cellars, the grapes were first destemmed and then, before pressing, selected on the sorting table; here attention to detail was at maximum levels and berries which were not completely ripe, an exception in this vintage, were discarded and only perfect ones wound up in the fermentation tanks. The must was slowly transformed into wine in the conical oak fermenters, and the fermentation and maceration was carried out with the maximum attention to the freshness of the aromas, the extraction of color, and a handling of the tannins programmed for softness and elegance. All of this required great sensitivity, a full knowledge of the grapes which were being worked, and a constant and careful attention to the fermenting wine, which was only run off its skins after attentive daily tastings. Once the skins were separated from the juice the wine was moved towards the malolactic fermentation, which took place in small oak barrels to give greater finesse and future drinking pleasure. The aging process then began and lasted eighteen months in French and Hungarian oak; during this period the various lots, fermented and aged separately according to the grape variety and the other variables (vineyard plot, ripeness, character), completed their aging and were assembled a few months before bottling. 

Tasting Notes 
The 2009 Solaia shows a ruby red color. On the palate the wine is smooth which is the result of perfectly ripe grapes along with sensations of coffee, chocolate, mint, and licorice. The wine impresses for its finesse and structure, and is characterized by great elegance and aging potential, with its soft and velvety tannins.

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Antinori Solaia 2009, Toscana 750ml
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