Our Discount Policy

Clos de Gat-Direct & Cellarium Club Members 6+ Bottles
Pricing Policy

Clos de Gat-Direct: 15% off purchases of any 6+ bottles on all current vintage wines. 

Cellarium Club Members: exclusive monthly offers on different current vintages and Cellarium Club pricing on a selection of archive and Bordeaux wines (see Cellarium Club benefits)
Products that are not in our “Clos de Gat-Direct" basket: archive wines, magnums, double magnums, cognac or imported wines.

Products that are not eligible to be counted as part of any 6+ bottles purchase: magnums, double magnums, cognac or imported wines 

In calculating which “Clos de Gat-Direct” or “Cellarium Club” rates to apply (if any) we count your overall purchase as a mixed case(s) at the 6+bottles or offer rate (on eligible bottles) of all 750ml bottles contained therein. 
We reserve the right to adjust our “Clos de Gat-Direct/Special Passover” rates without prior notice