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Delivery and Taxes

Prices include Israeli V.A.T.

Sales within Israel are charged with 17% Value Added Tax (V.A.T, or מע"מ). Prices on the site include V.A.T.

V.A.T. Exemption for International Shipments: 

  • International shipments qualify for a refund of local V.A.T.
  • An Israel Postal Service V.A.T. exemption stamp fee will be added at the checkout (fixed amount per shipment).

Delivery within Israel:

  • Deliveries to central Israel (all locations between Hadera, Gedera and Jerusalem) are free on purchases of 472 shekels and above (after discounts). Choose Israel (center) from the "Ship to" menu when you checkout.
  • Wines can be collected at the winery (no delivery charges). Choose Winery pickup from the "Ship to" menu when you checkout.
    You'll be asked for your Paypal Transaction ID (top right of the receipt), so please have it ready.

Delivery Overseas:

  • EMS (Express Mail Service) shipping costs are automatically calculated during the checkout stage. 
Destination First
Israel (center)-Between Hadera, Gedera $17.73 $0.00 Free delivery when net total sum is $134.95 or above
Israel - Outside of the Center $17.73 $0.00
Winery pickup $0.00 $0.00
Australia $48.32 $11.15
Austria $44.32 $4.29
Canada $47.18 $8.29
Cyprus $49.46 $5.15
Finland $49.46 $5.15
France $44.32 $4.29
Germany $44.32 $4.29
Italy $44.32 $4.29
Japan $46.32 $8.29
Poland $44.32 $4.29
Romania $49.46 $5.15
Russia $65.48 $8.29
Spain $44.32 $4.29
Thailand $46.32 $8.29
UK $44.32 $4.29
USA $41.74 $10.58